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Only the dead have seen the end of war [entries|friends|calendar]

Cathy Zhang. 16 years old. Chinese American. Loves everything except a few things. Previously known as Snufflescutie. email meh.
NIN, Linkin Park, The Pillows, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Pink Panthers, Rolling Stones, The D Dolls, Keiji Kawamori, Yoshikawa Youichirou, Mozart
Kyou Kara Maou, Gravitation, GTO, Bleach, etc.
Final Fantasy VII, World of Warcraft, Eeverquest2
Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Brave New World, Becket, Wheel of Time, Tale of Two Cities, Cat's Cradle
This layout picture is from adventchildren.net, brushes are from v.Brush. Coding by __gunner.
Harry Potter, Kyou Kara Maou, FFVII: Advent Children.
I also role play as "Laynfaer".
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Neglect [08/05/06 - 9:09]
I'm very sorry for neglecting my LJ and the majority of my friends for the past few months. Exams have sprang up faster than I thought was possible and I've been studying like a madman for hours on end. By the end of this month, things should calm down a bit and I'd love to get caught up with you guys. You can always email me, and call me if you want to schedule something.

I've probably missed several birthdays and anniversaries and again, I'm terribly sorry.

Needing sleep,

Have you ever... [21/01/06 - 8:32]
[ mood | weird ]

Um, I don't know why I named this post "Have you ever..." because I'm not going to play that particular game when I can't focus. Moreover, I just wanted to post my schedule for the upcoming hellish busy week.


Tuesday - 24th of Jan: If you don't know what this date is then don't EVER bother contacting me again you hobos. Juuuust kidding! It's my D-O-B. Congrats to me! One less year until death College!

Wednesday - 25th of Jan: Campus Tour of Bard College at 3:30 PM

Thursday - 26th of Jan: Campus Tour of SLC at 2 PM

Friday - 27th of Jan: Campus Tour of NYU at 2:30 PM

College fever anyone? I don't think I have enough Lithium to make sure I behave on all those days. Yikes! Oh by the way, for the 24th, my mom wants to take me out to celebrate. I'd rather stay home and read porn fanfics but you know the deal. If you actually want to be in my oh-so-sarcastic presence on that day, please contact me.

Now, I must go and hibernate. Rawr.

P.S: I just took a Practice SAT and let me tell you... Not having a calculator sucks.


No Mouths but Some Serpent's -- A Collective Outlook on the Past Few Months (Beware the Length) [19/12/05 - 4:22]
[ mood | confused ]

To start off, this post will be extremely selfish on my part. It is not so much a commentary on Life itself then an analysis of my Life. Firstly, there is soft music playing in the background so to help me concentrate writing a long winded post. I find myself anticipating certain events in Life, such as it were... They’re not essentially bad things, nor are they vibrantly happy. Second thing to mention is the title of this post; I borrowed it from the talented
Lightening on the Wave, whose story is the epitome of plot twists. Now, to get to the point.

"There's nothing worse than being Average." This statement was then rebuked with a sly, "It's better than failing." Even now, hours later after school
has ended, these words reverberate around my mind. School has never been particularly hard for me. It was something to fill up my day, as useless as it was. Now, looking back, perhaps the Golden Years have passed and the void called Life is slowly taking a hold of me. Yes, very emo. I can’t wait for Christmas break. Get to go out and enjoy Life as humans all strive to do. Why do we go through schooling and a day at work? Is it not for pleasure (psychological or physical)? There’re some people who like to call themselves MASOCHISTS and believe that pain is good. Pain is pleasure. What a bunch of bullshit. Is having your liver torn out from your asshole pleasurable? Very intelligent bunch, these masochists. “Pain is only in the Mind.” A very Buddhist outlook. Are you going to refrain from eating meat and shave your hair now? Fuck scientology. Fuck cabala. Fuck “gay is the new black”.

Psychology, now that’s a subject that gets me going. Half of it is wild speculation. The other is cold science. What a subject, Psychology. Tell me something, any of you who bothered with reading this intoxicated post, do you believe in Psychology? It’s a Yes or No question, by the by. I’m not looking for your life’s story. Do you believe that someone can listen to you talking and figure out what your problem is by using common sense? If yes, you’re wrong wrong WRONG. First of all, you could be lying. Second of all, common sense… Logical thought process by the brain. Since when have your brain waves been logical? Since when have your thoughts been organized neatly in piles? Never, that’s right. Nod with me now.

Have you figured out the point of this post yet? If you haven’t, read it over and over until you spontaneously combust or your brain begin to fry (feed it to the starving kids in Africa, damn it). Hm, I don’t suppose any of you have a cure of procrastination besides beating and threatening with kitchen knives. *Sighs* Time to feed the hungry hungry hypocrite.


... shocked. [14/11/05 - 6:15]
[ mood | distressed ]

My grandfather passed away recently... I'm not sure when, although I do believe he suffered a heart attack. He was 89. Healiest man I knew. Funny how these happen.
What disgusts me is how my family is reacting. I spent nearly the entire day answering phone calls from various members of my extended family, all of whom inquired after the money and property my grandfather left. I feel sick, and I pity them for their lack of compassion for such a great man.

This post is dedicated to my Grandfather, who was always the light of any family reunion. Who easily watched crappy cartoons with me and pinched my cheeks until they burned. He lived a full life, even though he never saw the fall of the Chinese communists like he wanted to.

"Death is the next great adventure. I hope yours is better than some, grandpa."

In the Chinese culture, the family must mourn for 49 days after the death, for the spirit of the deceased still remain in the house. So don't be shocked if the next time you see me, I'm all in black.


Certain Goals, Lasts a Lifetime. [14/11/05 - 11:46]
[ mood | accomplished ]

After the post made by _marquis, I decided to do some research on motivation, (the cognitive over-achiever and under-achiever) and what to do about it. With my findings, I realized that I lacked goals and that I've stopped manifesting them over the years as Life made me more and more apathetic. Remembering a time when I used to love going to school, I find myself feeling nostalgic.
Thus, I came up with some twenty or so goals I'd like to complete before my time is up. Some are fairly simply put, others are not. Some are long-term and others short-term. I beseech all of you to please respond in kind on your own respective journals.

Goals, signed in Blood, contract for Life.Collapse )

Read at your own risk, I wrote this without my glasses, so any mistakes should be redirected to their absence, thanks.

P.S: Yes, I do want to open my own Orphanage. No, not to eat the children.
P.P.S: I broke my cellphone recently, so please email me your phone numbers again, sorry.


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